ADV3560 F14: Daniel Oliverio

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Project Description

Purple State

We are a nation that is constantly at odds with one another. We live in a world that is sharply divided on a myriad of issues such as gender, race, sexuality, income dispersion and political ideologies, just to name a few. Our world has become more about the fight than finding a common solution for the greater good of humanity, and in this fight we are struggling to listen to one another with compassion and empathy. What was once seen as such an open nation is closing quickly through fear of change and the possibility of losing what we already have.

What is the design problem?

Finding a way to engage users from many different ends of the spectrum on a plethora of issues and bring them together in an exchange of ideas to learn from one another and come up with solutions to our country’s woes and inspire direct action with our government, so that everyone benefits.

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