ADV3560 F14: Anddy Ferreira

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Project Description

Second Chance

In order to save the world we must first save the people. My nonprofit website is about giving people a second chance. Any individual facing eviction, hunger, poverty, or homelessness will obtain support, and/or donation, from their audience. Everyone makes mistakes. No one should ever be given just one chance to make it through life. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Creating a design for this site can become a major dilemma. For instance, there are countless amounts of nonprofit websites already focusing on homelessness. But, these sites overcomplicate information and lose their target audience. The website has to be simplistic and ought to correlate with the topic at hand. I envision my site helping those who are unemployed, critically ill, or homeless, obtain homes, gifts, or employment opportunities. However, the website alone cannot support any individual without the help of charitable people. Charities and good Samaritans, seeking to donate to the less fortunate, are the target demographic for the website. Obtaining research is also crucial in building my site. Creating a persona can help represent the site realistically and apply real world expectation. Persona research will allow me to study my audience and create an overall look and feel for my site.

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