What I do

I am an artist, designer, and educator who leads others towards collaborative success.


I find solutions that cultivate healthy relationships between customers and businesses. I have 18 years experience covering interactive, graphic, branding, and print design.



I use my varied experience to lead teams to welcome their constituents into new realms. This means we can move forward as a team quickly.



After teaching nearly every age group across multiple educational settings, I see being an educator as being an activist. I teach to change lives.


I train my team members as valued peers who should one day surpass me. That way I know I am giving them all I can as a mentor.


I build trust with constituents and lead them to new and better practices, no matter how much work it means for me.


I use my every skill to encourage others to discover the power of fearless play. I develop spaces wherein people can learn in front of each other.

What others think

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I have worked with Libby in discussions about my non-profit's direction and curriculum development. Libby is very engaging, enthusiastic and immensely talented. I highly recommend her!


I can say without hesitation that Libby is one of the best designers I've ever encountered. I'll go even further and say that I have probably learned more about what design actually is by working with Libby than with any other designer I've worked with. 

As my colleague at The New York City College of Technology, Libby brought authority, energy, and enthusiasm to every endeavor. She was consistently reinventing her courses in order to teach leading-edge design and technical skills to her students, while at the same time, nurturing a passion for design in them that she deeply shares.

Libby is a tour de force of creative talent, productivity, and collegiality. I worked with her on a very large committee of academics and administrators, and when Libby spoke, the room listened. Her dynamic personality, professional expertise, and her ability to work with diverse others under difficult constraints was a wonder to behold.

Get in touch

To arrange a consultation or workshop, send me a message.